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Hidden Greece
Hidden Greece

Hidden Greece

How sad such an imaginative airline no longer serves Greece!

Hidden Greece


Greek soup spoon

Hidden Greece

Play Safe with HIDDEN GREECE

The best way to avoid travel disasters is to travel with an AITO member because all your money is totally protected. Hidden Greece, as a trading name of Sunvil, is an AITO member so our website is a perfect starting point.

Before booking, click here to get in the mood!

However, 100% financial protection is not the only reason for choosing Hidden Greece. Here are a few others:

1 - gain from our joint 90 years experience of Greece and unbiased first-hand knowledge of the places and accommodation we offer. We have no commitments to aircraft seats or hotel beds so have no incentive to sell you something you don't want;

2 - let us find the flights to Greece which offer the best value, most convenient schedules, lowest taxes and best domestic connections inside Greece;

3 - go straight to the destinations page if you know where you want to go; if you don't, check our "Where for What?" table; then look for the best island combinations if you want a multi-centre holiday;

4 - let us help you find the most appropriate ferries to use within Greece (we are past masters at guessing schedules before they are published);

5 - check which parts of Greece are still unspoilt (relatively Martian-free) where you can meet the Greeks and enjoy their traditional way of life.

Free Greek Maps Offer

"But surely I can concoct and book my own holiday and save money?"

Well, you can; and it might. But bear in mind a few facts before you abandon us:

1 - we usually have access to air fares and room rates not available to you. Sometimes these are appreciably lower, especially for higher priced properties, so it does not follow you will save much, if anything, by doing your own thing;

2 - most hotel websites feature either luxury hotels (whose prices virtually guarantee you can book them safely even if they totally lack any charm) or lower graded properties whose attributes may fall well short of their website's claims. We deal with one country only and offer accommodation which is suitable for a wide range of pockets, is normally small in scale and is likely to have ambiance, friendly owners and to be set somewhere that still feels like Greece;

3 - above all, you will have that warm glow of knowing that the money you have paid is safe.


we also want to work closely with our hotel and villa owners to their, your and our best advantage. So you will find below every property description a link to its own Greek website (if it has one!). That means you can compare what we say with what the owner himself writes, perhaps with extra pictures or more detail (e.g. a pool or air-con recently added). If your first choice doesn't quite fit the bill, just click again on destinations and browse through our many alternatives.

Fishing Nets

Hidden Greece: now Internetting in a big way

Greek Flags

We feature Greece - and Greece only

naoussa Taverna

What better than a lazy lunch on the water-front ...

Uncomfortable Seat

... and a seat with a view to relax on afterwards?

What our website provides

1 - A description of all our destinations,

divided into five regions of Greece (see our main map). On the right of each page you will find all our featured accommodation with supporting pictures and the seasonal dates for each property.

3 - A profile of our company

under the heading The Hidden Greece Concept. If you know us already you may skip this section; if you don't, you should read it to make sure our modus operandi will suit you - we treat our clients as independent adults, not sheep needing molly-coddling.

4 - A table Where for What?

showing which destinations are most likely to meet your criteria for what you want to find - or avoid.

5 - A Booking Enquiry form

on which you can indicate which destinations appeal to you, when you want to go, how many of you will be travelling and so on. The form will be automatically returned to us and we will check availability and contact you by e-mail or phone with a quote.

And what it doesn't provide

The chance to book a holiday straight off the shelf on line in three minutes flat because what we offer are not bog standard arrangements but the most flexible tailor-made holidays on the Greek market. Also, you have to submit (by law) a signed booking form, including a declaration that you accept our conditions; those conditions (and other details which you may well find more scintillating) are found under The Boring Details. That said, by letting the booking form do its self-guided missile act as a warning shot to us, we can be that much quicker checking availability and quoting a definitive price.