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Car & Scooter Hire

A car can add a lot to your holiday; in both senses of the word. Our clients divide into those who avoid car-hire and those who delight in driving on surprisingly good roads with surprisingly little (if not well-driven) traffic. Nowadays you can even buy decent maps showing actual roads instead of those which local councils think tourists would like to find.

We normally recommend that couples should avoid Group A cars which usually have only enough space for two dwarves and a picnic. There is a growing trend for the insurance not to include cover for items such as damage to underside and tyres, or even fire and theft, unless you pay extra on the spot. You can refuse these offers and many do, but for the wary there are annual insurance polic ies available which cover anything not otherwise covered on any car hire you arrange,almost anywhere in the world.

Car hire is almost essential on Crete, Samos, Chios and the mainland (except Athens where it’s courting disaster) and can be an asset on Naxos, Paros, Rhodes and Santorini.

Scooters, available on almost every island, however small, cost from about £5 a day and must be rented locally: be sure to check tyres, brakes, lights and horn and always demand and wear a helmet. Go slowly and watch for loose gravel and uneven road edges. And other road users.

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Car drivers must be especially careful of cow drovers


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Nice sandwiches. Wonder where the dwarves are?

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Hidden Greece Group Z 'Spasmeno' car: special rates apply.

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A refurbished car crash can cost more to hire than a new one. DON'T.

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DON'T is again our advice