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Prebooked Greek airport and port transfers

Mykonos, Santorini, Athens, Rhodes and more

Lets face it. Mykonos airport can be a bit of a bun fight. Our traditional advice has been for one of you to wait for the luggage while the other gets in the taxi queue. However we have noticed recently that our traditional independent-minded HG clients, bombarded and somewhat ground down by assorted relentless negative media (choose your paranoia), are getting a little more, shall we say, needy. No bother.

So alerted by a fulsome recommendation from one of our clients Steve, we have struck up a partnership with Welcome Pickups. Steve's recommendation is below. We cant guarantee you get the same driver but if they are all this helpful we are on to a winner.

"We had a lovely time in Paros, it was very friendly, lovely beaches and the hotel was very good with a great breakfast buffet that changed every day. We found some great restaurants and would particularly recommend Anna's. We even ended up at a Greek wedding reception! We used buses to get around the island which were very good. We were delayed by easyJet in both directions. On the way there we landed at 4:25, we had pre booked a taxi with welcome pickups and the taxi driver waited for an hour to pick us up. Fortunately the ferry departure shifted to 5pm and the taxi driver did a fantastic job of getting us there just as the ferry arrived (he tracked it). He dropped me at the ticket office and carried on so that my wife could get in the queue for the ferry and to hold it whilst I bought the tickets. So I would definitely mention that it's worth not stressing about it. We thoroughly enjoyed our holiday thanks." HG22035 Steve and Lucy